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Posted on: March 16th, 2015 by carl
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You are planning to sell your car, you are turning in a car that you are leasing, or you are returning a car that you borrowing from a business, family member, or friend you want to return that car in its best condition. Understand that life happens and like most cars  there are going to be dings and dents.
The fear of dings and dents on your car is a  reality. Fixing those dings and dents is a  hardship that can be less painful then  expected. Senior Consumer Advice Whether  Editor published an article entitled “Confessions of a Paintless Dent Remover” in where he discusses how you can “skip the shop and save a lot of money” by keeping key points in mind. Keeping the cost in mind is usually the first and most important thing that comes to mind. The first question is who pays for the repairs? Shouldn’t my auto insurance pay for repairs?
According to AutoInsuranceNow “Auto insurance does two things. First, it pays for damage that a driver causes another person’s vehicle or property. Second (if the policy has full coverage) it will pay for repairs to the insured vehicle itself. People who discover vehicle damage may be able to file a claim for repairs if the damage is covered under the policy. How car insurance companies determine whether or not damage will be covered is based upon the details of the policy and how the damage was caused.”
Not all dings and dents are created equal. Weather related, shopping baskets, or having your car parked “at the right place at the wrong time” all constitute needing dings and dents fixed. Assuming that you have the appropriate insurance the next question will be, “Will my dent be covered?” The answer is yes. How to get it fixed? Call the number above and have your car looking like it never had a ding.

paintless dent removal

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How much does an average service cost, both  paintless dent repair and colors? The average  retail dent service is between $135 and $165.  The average touch-up paint service is around  $150. Taking your vehicle to a traditional  body shop will cost significantly more then  that just for the initial consultation.

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